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Independent audit activities in the national economy is the foundation for the sustainable and effective development of the capital and financial markets. The quality of the independent audit is vital for investors, shareholders, policy makers and others to trust the financial reporting process as well as the disclosure of information of financial report.

Our audit is focused on understanding the business situation as well as understanding the internal control system of our customers. Thereby, along with practical experience gained over many years, we can give valuable advice on the customer’s business as well as suggestions to improve the accounting system and Customer’s internal control system.

Tax audit services of Long Viet Tax

Tax audit services of Long Viet Tax

What is the Tax Audit Service?

Tax auditing service is operated by independent auditors. Having the capacity to conduct and collect audit evidence about the audited financial statements To check and report on the honesty, accuracy and reasonableness of financial statements. Audited with established standards.

Auditing financial statements of Long Viet Tax always aims
Service quality, reputation with customers. To build long-term relationships. We are proud to affirm our quality auditing services. Always be led directly by the team

Experienced auditors, have deep professional qualifications. We are committed to responsibility. Take the necessary time to understand the business situation of customers. From there respond to the agreed schedule.

Long Viet Tax does not merely provide financial audit services. But also focus heavily on supportive counseling services. With deep attention and understanding of domestic and regional markets,
Long Viet Tax helps businesses achieve success.

In addition to the service of Auditing financial statements, we also provide: Accounting Services, Tax Agent Services, Investment Advisory Services, Tax Advisory Services, Price Appraisal Services, …

Subjects forced to use the Auditing Service of financial statements

Subjects forced to use the Auditing Service of financial statements

Subjects required to use tax audit services

– Foreign-invested enterprises;

– Credit institutions established and operating under the Law on Credit Institutions. Including foreign bank branches in Vietnam;

– Financial institutions, banks, microfinance institutions, people’s credit funds …

– Insurance enterprises, reinsurance enterprises, insurance brokerage enterprises, branches of foreign non-life insurance enterprises;

– Public companies, issuers and securities trading organizations
– State-owned enterprises, except for state-owned enterprises operating in the fields of state secrets as prescribed;

– Enterprises and organizations in which state corporations and corporations hold 20% of the voting rights;

– Listed companies and securities issuers holding 20% ​​or more of voting rights. Why choose us?

– Qualified for business of audit services

– More than 06 years of audit experience

– Serving more than 500 customers, large and small

– Consult quickly, handle accurately and quickly

– Many other support services attached – Experienced key personnel

– Supported by leading experts

– Professional service style

– Reasonable service costs


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